Building With Us

It is important to know the processes we take in the early stages of planning your new home. Getting your plans right and being aware of what is included is very important. At CRJ we pride ourselves on keeping you informed throughout each stage from start to finish.

1. Choosing a Block of Land

When looking for suitable blocks remember that gentle sloping blocks or flat blocks are generally easier and more affordable to build on. If you have already bought a block of land, we will provide advice on your home design to ensure that it suits your block perfectly.

2. Your plan or Ours?

Come in and discuss your family’s needs and likes and we will show you some of our home designs that may be suitable or alternatively help you draft your own. It is important to us that your new home meets all your expectations therefore we are flexible with all aspects from design to inclusions to suit your budget.
Already got a plan that suits you? Great! Let’s get the pricing process started.

3. Preliminary Estimate

As you can appreciate we take our pricing seriously and strive to ensure that you are getting the best price without compromising on quality. Unless otherwise discussed, our preliminary estimate will be based on our standard list of inclusions however these can be changed to suit your needs at any time prior to signing the final contract.

4. Preliminary Agreement

Happy with the estimated price?

For us to proceed further we ask that a Master Builders Preliminary Agreement be signed so that we may complete the following tasks:

  • Site Inspection
  • Site Survey
  • Soil Testing
  • Preparation of full working drawings
  • Preparation of a detailed Quotation
  • Preparation of comprehensive Specifications and Inclusions
  • Preparation of Engineer designed slab and footings

A fee is paid at this stage and is fully deductible from the final contract price of your home.
Your draft plan as discussed will be sent to our design team to turn your ideas into a workable plan.

When we receive your preliminary plans (this generally takes up to two weeks) we will provide you with a draft copy for perusal and discussion in the comfort of your own home. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to discuss any changes required.

Once all changes have been made we will arrange a full set of working drawings to be completed. These plans are then sent to our engineers for the important job of designing the footing and slab of your new home.

Completing these tasks at this stage enables us to provide a fixed price on your proposed home.

5. Quotation

Now we have all the required documents we can provide a fixed price on your home with the security of knowing that there will be no hidden extras. Our comprehensive specification document outlines all inclusions and we will arrange a time to go through it with you step by step to ensure that we have met all of your needs and that you understand exactly what is included in the price.

6. Contracts

Once you are happy with all details and have accepted the Quotation we will take you step by step through your contract. If you are arranging finance, we will provide you with all necessary documentation (including a copy of your contract and plans) that you will need for your chosen lending institution.

7. Approvals

Once your Contract has been signed and the balance of your deposit has been paid, CRJ will prepare and lodge the necessary applications for approval by your Local Authority.

8. Building Process

Congratulations!! We are now ready to commence the construction of your new home. We will be working closely with you over the coming weeks and will provide you with regular on-site access to ensure that you stay involved and are able to inspect and provide feedback on each stage of the project.

9. Handover

Handover takes place when all aspects of the building process have been completed. At this point you will be invited to attend a final walkthrough inspection of your home. This will provide you the opportunity to thoroughly inspect our work and ask any questions and/or discuss any items which need to be addressed before you move in.

Once you are happy and all monies have been paid, you will be presented with the keys and you are welcome to move in and begin to enjoy the lifestyle you dreamed about when you made your decision to build a new home with us.

We know that you will want to take care of our new home and keep it in tip-top condition over the years so we will provide you with a neatly sorted folder containing all of the information and warranty details you will need to help avoid any unnecessary maintenance. If you have not already done so, household insurance should be taken out at this point.

10. Settling in to your new Home

Our commitment to service and excellence in everything we do does not come to an end just because the construction process has finished. We are committed to helping you make this process a smooth and enjoyable one.

At CRJ we will provide you with a maintenance service for the first six months after handover. During this time, all you need to do is record any items you feel need attention and we will contact you to inspect and address these items at the end on the first six months in your new home.