Happy Families Return to Flood Affected Homes

After the 2013 floods, it was devastating to see the damage inflicted on our beautiful town.

We all watched in horror as so many local businesses and homes were overcome with water. In a time of helplessness, we at CRJ felt blessed to be working within the building industry and to be able to use our trade to both help our childrens’ school get cleaned up and to make it possible for so many families to find their way back into their homes.

More than a year on, some of the flood affected residents in one street of East Bundaberg are able to move forward and back into their freshly renovated homes. Michael was lucky enough to be invited along to share in the celebrations as the street hosted a "Flood Recovery” barbeque and get together to thank all those involved in both the cleanup and refurbishing of the damaged homes.

Ted & Peta - FloodedTed & Peta - BeforeTed & Peta - After