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As a leading Bundaberg home builder, our design & build process ensures you'll have a custom home you love.

CRJ Designer Homes is a locally owned, family operated building company, with 24+ years combined industry experience. We are home builders that focus on building custom homes that people love ~ homes that are focused on exceptional design & function.

CRJ Designer Homes - Award-winning Bundaberg builders you can trust.

At CRJ Designer Homes, we create and deliver thoughtfully designed forever homes, for families in Bundaberg. As a local business that focuses on customers' needs, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations. We are the Bundaberg custom builder that focuses on building stunning homes that people love ~ homes that are centred on exceptional design & function. Cultivating a reputation for distinction and excellence in design, our team is committed to providing exceptional service from start to finish for your custom home-build project. 

When you choose to build with CRJ Designer Homes, you are getting an outstanding and high-quality home with a difference that tells your story and seamlessly enhances your lifestyle. Our Bundaberg house plans and custom designs are tailored to your vision, lifestyle and family needs, giving you a house that is modern with a contemporary flair, sophisticated and timeless, unique and inviting - a place that brings you delight, and you can truly call home.

Where bespoke design, luxury and functionality are custom designed for you.

Our innovative construction methods and wealth of experience put us at the forefront of building beautiful designer homes in Bundaberg with the finest inclusions that stand the test of time. When you choose to build your new dream home with CRJ Designer Homes, you know you will be dealing with incredibly passionate Bundaberg home builders who will ensure homebuilding is truly an enjoyable experience for you. Our mission is simple: no matter the size of your project, we aim to create a home you can't wait to come home to.

To learn more about what we can do for you, or to discuss your options, call your award-winning Bundaberg home builder ~ CRJ Designer Homes on 07 4154 8728 or email us now >>

Time frame guarantee, 24 month extended maintenance, 12 month price guarantee, 5 independent build inspections

Better guarantees that matter.
Fantastic support, long after you build.

Building a home is one of the biggest projects many of us will ever undertake, so to make the process stress-free during & after the build, we are proud to offer you guarantees, guaranteed to amaze.

Building a custom home is the biggest project many of us will ever undertake. Be inspired.
Single-storey house plan designed by CRJ Designer Homes
3D house render for a plan designed by CRJ Designer Homes
Single-storey house render in afternoon light

House plans & pricing to get you inspired

Need some inspiration? We have a selection of stunning house plans & an option to get instant pricing.

CRJ Designer Homes can design and build a stunning dream home
Entrance of home by CRJ Designer Homes
Custom built patio at dusk
Custom built bathroom

Got the perfect custom home design in mind?

We work with you to design & build your custom home from the ground up to become the dream home you had envisioned from the start.

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