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Our better-than industry-standard build guarantees

Fantastic support, long after you build.

Building a home is one of the biggest projects many of us will ever undertake, so to make the process stress-free during & after the build, we are proud to offer you guarantees, guaranteed to amaze.

Our better-than guarantees

24 month extended maintenance guarantee

We will provide you with an additional 24-month maintenance service over and above the 6-month industry standard.

5 independent build inspections guarantee

We are committed to our clients long-term and want to see your new home remain as beautiful as the day you moved in. Enjoy peace of mind with 5 independent build inspections where we will contact you annually to inspect your property and offer support and advice to ensure the longevity of your home.

Get your free build assessment

Fill out our assessment request telling us what you're after in your new home & we'll provide you with a full home build & cost estimate.