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5 Independent Build Inspections

Enjoy peace of mind with 5 independent build inspections. We will contact you annually to inspect your property and offer advice to ensure the longevity of your home.

Our commitment to service and excellence in everything we do does not stop at handover. We are committed to helping you keep your home looking as good as the day you were given the keys. 

At final handover, you will be presented with a neatly displayed folder containing all your important documents and warranties along with a homeowner maintenance guide filled with information to help you keep everything looking good and working great.

We will also provide you with 5 independent build inspections beginning 12 months after your 6-month maintenance check-up. This is a complimentary service that we know you will love … all you need to do is record any items you feel need attention in the booklet provided and we will contact you annually to arrange a time to inspect your property for any unexpected wear and tear and address these items together.

Upon completion of the inspection, you will be presented with a professional report confirming where things are going great and highlighting any areas that may need attention.

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