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When looking at getting a home, there are so many questions that you need to ask yourself. You can easily get overwhelmed, and getting your local Bundaberg builders to build you a custom home on top, can seem even more daunting.

So at CRJ Designer Homes, we want to make this less overwhelming for you by giving you the tools needed to make an informed choice and one you will love when the plan comes together.

Key topics that will help you when getting your Bundaberg builder to build you that new custom home:

How long does it take to build a house?

This article will cover these key points:

  • Site preparation & foundation
  • Design & layout
  • Unanticipated setbacks
  • So how long will my build really take?

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10 questions to ask before hiring any home builders in Bundaberg

This article will cover these ten questions and why you should ask them. This way, you will have confidence in your Bundaberg builder and start your project on the right foot. And remember that knowledge is only going to help you get the right home, so if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. We are only too happy to help.

Build or buy... Which is best for you?

The key points this article covers are:

  • Market availability
  • Timeframes
  • Customisation
  • Pricing
  • Quality control and durability
Time frame guarantee, 24 month extended maintenance, 12 month price guarantee, 5 independent build inspections

Better guarantees that matter.
Fantastic support, long after you build.

Building a home is one of the biggest projects many of us will ever undertake, so to make the process stress-free during & after the build, we are proud to offer you guarantees, guaranteed to amaze.

Home building tips & tricks

This article will cover the top four home building tips:

  • Organise your budget
  • Start with a plan
  • Communicate about what’s important to you
  • Understand your contract

The best bathroom design ideas of 2020

This article on Bathroom designs will cover these key points:

  • Brass Finishes
  • Modern Basins and Vanities
  • Free-standing Framed Mirrors
  • Free-Standing Baths
  • Darker Colour Schemes
  • Luxury Showers
  • Skylights

Colour selection - Your how to guide

The key points covered by this article are:

  • Start with your "must-have"
  • Think about your ceiling
  • Streamline with one colour
  • And more...

6 things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen

The 6 key points in this article are:

  • Layout
  • Triangulate functions
  • Envision and calculate counter space
  • Benchtop heights
  • To island bench or not to island bench
  • Function & zoning

Why building a home in Bundaberg is a good investment

This article by your local Bundaberg builders will cover these key points on why you should invest in Bundaberg:

  • The best of both worlds
  • Natural beauty abounds
  • A growing city
  • Affordable living

How to save money when building a home

This article by your local Bundaberg builders will cover these key points on ways that you can save money when you build your dream home:

  • Use the land to your advantage
  • Make all your decisions before the build begins
  • Keep your design simple
  • Cut costs on building materials
  • Delay the fancy trimmings until later

Need help? Get CRJ your local Bundaberg Builders to provide a free assessment

Fill out our assessment request telling us what you're after in your new Bundaberg home & we'll provide you with a full home build & cost estimate.