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Colour Selection - Your How to Guide

New homes are both a pleasure and pain to decorate. With no existing colour and your home being a blank canvas, there is nothing to distract the eye and often you are looking at a floor plan for inspiration which can make the task even that much more daunting.

Here are our top tips for choosing a colour scheme for your home that you will love for years to come.

Tip 1: Start with your "must-have"

When compiling a colour palette, start with your favourite "must-have” as a jumping-off point. It may be your flooring, cabinetry, a piece of artwork you love, your favourite rug or even that "to die for” stone top you have been eyeing off and want your Bundaberg builder to add to your kitchen. This is always a great place to start and an even better jumping-off point to formulate your colour scheme from.

Custom kitchen with rustic colour selection

Tip 2: Think about your ceiling

While the traditional white ceiling is really popular, there are no hard and fast rules on ceiling colour. A non-white ceiling can at once draw the eye up but with darker tones can also make a room feel enclosed. One solid tip is to always use a matt finish when painting ceilings – gloss paint shows up small imperfections so it’s almost impossible to get a seamless look.

Tip 3: Streamline with one colour

<p ">A good way to streamline the different rooms of your house and create a beautiful flow is to use one colour on all the walls. If you can’t resist using different colours – particularly for feature walls –  then make sure they match tonally to both your wall colour and furniture items.  There is such a wide range of patterns and textures available in different forms like feature panelling, wall tiles and wallpapers. Set aside a day for planning and visit your local stores to see what is available.  Who knows… you might just find that "must have” piece to get you started.

Tip 4: Skirting boards

Skirting boards invariably take a beating over time so it’s always good to use a gloss paint for durability and to make cleaning that bit easier. White always looks great but if you are using light colours on the walls, the same colour on the skirting boards is a good option.

Tip 5: Know how to limit your colours

Never use more than three colours on the exterior of your house – one for walls, one for trim and one for accents. They should match tonally so that they complement each other. Neutral colours tend to work best on exteriors.  They blend in well with the streetscape and look stunning when used in the right combination.

"Three colours are enough to coat, outline and accent your home"

Tip 6: Use colour to make your rooms look bigger

When decorating a small space, consider using lighter colours on both the wall and ceiling to make the room seem bigger.  If you have a small room but absolutely love dark colours, it’s possible to have it all without feeling like you’re living in a cave.  Paint one wall with a dark colour – for example, the wall at the head of the bed works well in the bedroom – and use a much lighter shade of the same colour on the other walls.

Tip 7: Bring the outside, inside

Bring the outside indoors by using colour cues from your garden. The green of a garden, the blue of a pool or the earthy tones of sandstone can be reflected in your colour choices inside. A smooth transition between indoors and outdoors makes for a harmonious feel. You can start this smooth transition by getting your Bundaberg builder to design a featured entryway that fits the feel of your home and the colours you are using. Like having nice wooden pillars and bringing that colour into your house.

Monochromatic colour selection

Our Pro Tip for a stylish look

Choose a monochromatic palette – ranging from warm greys to inky charcoals – but err on the cooler end of the spectrum. Then offset this look with furnishings and trims in either complementary colours or more intense shades of the same colour.

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