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Planning stages of interior home design with pictures and swatches

Creating a timeless house design while meeting your lifestyle needs

Are you a first-time home builder or ready to take on building your dream home? It is a big but exciting undertaking with lots of decisions to make and one of those is creating a beautiful and timeless design. But design isn’t the only thing to consider here, we want your home to be functional in everyday life.

Happy couple getting house plans in Bundaberg

Building for the future: strategies for optimising comfort, style, & resale value of your dream home in Bundaberg

Are you ready to build a home that not only looks good but also is designed with comfort, style and resale value in mind? Building your future home can feel like an overwhelming task - there are so many decisions to make! You want to create something special for you and your family to love for years to come but you don't want to spend unnecessary money now or lose out on value later. 

Mini house with a key in hands wondering whether to buy or build

Buy an existing home or build, is one cheaper in the current market?

If you’re looking to buy or build in Bundaberg or beyond, you’re probably asking yourself ‘should I build, or should I buy’? This is an age-old question in the housing industry, but is particularly prominent in the current climate, where the cost of living is on the rise. So, is it cheaper to buy an existing home or build a new house in the current market? While there are pros and cons to both, the short answer is that it’s likely cheaper to build. Here’s why.

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