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Things to consider when choosing or designing a floor plan that is right for your family

One of the most exciting times in your life can be designing and building your new home!

From what town you will live in, to what neighbourhood you decide to raise your family – the right home is a major decision. Even more important is how you and your family will use your home and ensure it fits with your lifestyle. Choosing the right layout can impact how you experience your home. Both the size and shape and where the rooms are located adjacent to each other will all affect the way you live.

Bundaberg builders CRJ Designer Homes showing house plan layout of an open space lounge room

Here are our top 5 suggestions on getting started on your home design:

1. Consider what size of home will best suit your family

Not every family needs a huge home and not every family will feel comfortable in a small two-bedroom home. Choosing a floor plan first should start with how large a home will fit your lifestyle. Assess how many bedrooms you will require for your children and how many bathrooms are enough for you and visiting guests. The size of your home should be the first consideration.

Bundaberg builders CRJ Designer home show the house plans layout of a verandah

2. Determine what type of dwelling will make best use of your block

Consider your block of land – it may very well influence what type of floor plan will best suit your family. Dwellings such as single storey homes give the ability to have outdoor space for a backyard and provide more room for a family to spread out in whereas split level or 2 storey homes may be more suited if you have a sloping block or a noticeable gradient on the land or perhaps where adequate space in comparison to the required home size may be an issue.

3. When looking at pre-designed plans, make your decision is based on the layout not the finishes

When choosing a floor plan ensure you are basing your decision on how the home flows and feels functional for your daily activities. Don’t get wowed by the upgraded floors, countertops and appliances in the model home, imagine the home in a "stripped down” state and form your opinion from there. A home design shouldn’t feel good because of the nice carpet that could go in the living room, it should feel right because the living room is a welcoming room off of the kitchen and foyer area that you can envision guests and family members gathering in.

House plans being looked at

4.  Trust your instincts on what "feels” right when choosing a floor plan

All of us have the ability to "feel” when a space feels comfortable and able to fit their needs. Take these instincts into consideration when touring different floor plans. You will be surprised how many styles of plans there are to choose from. A family with small children may love the ability for the master bedroom to be housed amongst the other bedrooms. On the other hand, a family with teenagers could prefer for the master bedroom to be separated from the body house for noise reduction and privacy.  

5. Know your budget

Let’s face it; there is always the fantasy side of us that wants to go bigger and better than our wildest dreams. Before getting your heart set on one type of floor plan – know what the costs are associated with the layout. Ask your builder to help you determine costs as you narrow down to the floor plan that fits within your budget.

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