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Termite Protection & Your New Home

Building a new home is one of the most significant investments you will make during your lifetime.

Just as you would like to see any investment protected, your new home requires management against termite attack. Many millions of dollars are spent each year by homeowners rectifying damage caused by termites.

Termites will eat timber and most materials containing cellulose – their principal food – and this could include the contents of building such as built-in-cupboards, skirting boards, furniture, some carpets, fabrics, packing cases and other similar materials.

 "Any additions/extensions to your home after completion will
require a continuation of barriers”

A termite attack is usually initiated from a nest located in the ground outside the building. In some cases, a nest can be located directly under the building from where termites may attack through any penetrations or openings in the slab or around service entry points such as plumbing or electrical pipes.

Termites can use various ways to enter a building. Any additions to homes after completion also need to provide a continuation of barriers. Structures such as pergolas, decks, carports, verandahs, paths and steps may allow undetected entry of termites into the main building. Particular care must be taken with landscaping – never build garden beds etc over the weepholes or stack timber next to a wall.

All new buildings (including extensions) in Queensland are now built with a termite management system to reduce the risk of attack by termites.

There are various methods of termite protection which your builder will discuss with you. When making any decision about termite control, you should consider the following:

  • the cost-effectiveness of the barrier system over the life of the building;
  • the life expectancy and effectiveness of the barrier;
  • the requirements for maintenance and any retreatments necessary;
  • the effect of the system on the environment and occupants;
  • any effect the choice of system will have on the future resale value of your home.

There is a requirement for your builder to permanently fix two durable notices on your home in prominent locations – commonly the meter box outside the building and inside the kitchen cupboards. This will usually be done by the pest controller prior to handing over possession of the building. The notice will describe the particular system used, the date of installation and the importance of regular inspections to be carried out.

"Regular inspections must be carried out by trained persons”

Regardless of the system used, it is extremely important that regular inspections be carried out as part of your ongoing maintenance of the home. Inspections are usually performed on a 12-month basis, however, ensure you check the warranty and inspection details that pest controller supplies. Upon inspection, you will be provided with a written report of findings. It is strongly recommended that you retain a copy of this report for every inspection and re-treatment.

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