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Stages of Building a House

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Unless you’ve built a home before, you’re probably unfamiliar with the different stages of building a house. Understanding the different stages of construction will help you to follow the build timeframe and what to expect along the way. It’s also important because you’ll be required to make different payments at the completion of each stage, which you will need to coordinate between your builder and lender.

While there are many Bundaberg builders you will find most quality builders will have the following six stages / phases of building a house. 

Stage 1 - Deposit

Before construction begins on your new home, you’ll need to pay a deposit to your builder. Once you’ve had a few meetings with your builder to decide on your house plans you will be given a formal quote for the construction of your house with a timeline of the build. After filling out all required paperwork, you’ll pay your deposit (usually 5% of the full cost) and your new home will soon be underway. 

Stage 2 - Base (slab)

The base stage of a build prepares your land for construction. Many first-time homeowners think this stage is just pouring the slab, but there’s a lot of pre-work that gets done before the concrete is poured. If your block requires any levelling or excavating this will be done during the base stage, and all underground connections need to be run, such as plumbing, electrical and stormwater drainage. Once this preliminary work is finished, the concrete slab will be poured to complete the base stage.  

Stage 3 - Frames

After your slab has been poured it’s time to start constructing the foundation of your home. Using the floor plan as a guide, wooden beams are used to construct walls with spaces for windows and door frames, forming the skeleton of your home. Once the framing is complete a qualified building surveyor will inspect the site and sign off on the work before moving on to the next stage. 

Stage 4 - Enclosed

The enclosed stage is where your house really starts coming together. From brickwork and walls to roofing and guttering, this part of the build is one of the biggest stages of constructing a house. During this stage, some of your electrical and plumbing will be installed so that pipes and wiring can be fitted behind walls or in the ceiling. To finalise the enclosed stage it’s all about making your house enclosed or lockable – this means all windows and external doors will be installed and the main construction of the building is complete. 

Stage 5 - Fixing

Once the basic structure of the house is complete, it’s time to install all the fixtures and fittings your home requires. This includes installing skirting boards, ceilings, internal doors, and kitchen cabinetry, as well as finalising aesthetic aspects of the home such as painting the walls, tiling wet areas, and installing tapware throughout the home. The final fit-out of electrical and plumbing will also take place during this stage. Once the house has been inspected and certified as meeting all quality assurances, the fixing stage is complete. 

Stage 6 – Practical Completion

The practical completion stage is the final step in building your home, and the moment you’ve been waiting for. Now that the house is complete and has been rigorously inspected by our staff, this final stage is all about you. Your builder will walk you through the house and show you all its features, making sure you’re completely happy with your home. You will be required to sign an official practical completion inspection document to confirm you’re happy with the home or note any defects that need changing prior to signing. 

After your sign off and settlement of your final payment, your builder will hand over the keys and you can move in!

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