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12 Media Room Design Tips From Custom Home Builders

Friends in a home media room

If there’s one surefire way to spice up a house plan, it’s adding in a media room. Media rooms are a great place to entertain guests, hang out with friends, or cuddle up for a movie night with family. Whether you’re looking to include a media room in your new house plans or renovate a space into an entertainment area, this blog’s for you. Read on for our top media room design tips from the experience of a custom builder.

1. Pay attention to room size

If you’re building a new home, make sure to talk to your builder about the size and location of your media room. Customising your house plans will ensure your media room is the right size and in the location you want, whether big or small. Larger media rooms are great for entertaining, while smaller media rooms can produce a nice cosy atmosphere.

2. Think about your power points

No media room is complete without a tv - but where are you going to put it? Is there enough room opposite the tv for seating? Is it likely to get glare from the closest window during the day? Make sure to think ahead to how the room will come together when it’s done, including any additional power points you may want in the room for speakers, electric lounges, or other luxuries.

3. Set the mood with lighting

Planning your light fixtures ahead of time will ensure you curate the perfect atmosphere for your room. Downlights or pendants on a dimmer are great options as they allow you to brighten the room when not using your screen, or bring the lights down in preparation for a movie night.

4. Consider soundproofing

An often overlooked aspect of a media room, soundproofing your walls is a luxurious touch that benefits both you and the neighbours. Quality soundproofing can be installed in your walls in place of standard insulation and will ensure that outside noises such as traffic are minimised, while also allowing you to turn up the sound system for the ultimate movie experience without annoying your neighbours or roommates.

5. Include temperature controls

No one wants to be crammed into a stuffy room on a hot summer’s day or be distracted by chattering teeth in the middle of winter. Depending on your room design, and the rest of your house, there are plenty of options to keep your media room at a comfortable temperature. A faux fireplace can help set the mood if you’re going for a cosy vibe, while installing some kind of air conditioning will keep your room the perfect temperature.

6. Invest in good window coverings

You might think you’ll only use your media room at night, but there are plenty of opportunities for daytime viewing. Remember that here in Bundaberg the sun sets late in summer, and you don’t want window glare to get in your way. There are lots of options for blinds and curtains depending on your style and preferences. Investigate options for roller blinds or heavy-duty curtains, and make sure they have good light filtering coverage.

7. Choose a colour palette that suits you

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a media room might be a dingy basement, but times have changed. Many homeowners are opting for bright spaces that are multi-use, and don’t necessarily need to be dark all the time. If navy or sage walls are your vibe, that’s great, but if you want a white or light grey wall, simply install some blackout curtains and turn the lights down when you want a darker vibe.

8. Remember the space can be more than a TV room

Home theatre room

While media rooms are often used predominantly for binge-watching tv shows and late-night movies, there are other forms of media that can be utilised in the room. Don’t be afraid to include storage space such as bookshelves or cabinets for board games, books, and more.

9. Make sure there’s plenty of seating

Although some guests may prefer the floor, make sure that it’s a choice, not a necessity. Invest in quality, comfortable furniture that gives as much seating as possible, without over-cluttering the room. Lounges are your best bet for maximising your space, but adding a recliner or wingback to the corner or side of the room can provide another seat where needed.

10. Don’t forget about surfaces

There’s nothing worse when watching a movie than having nowhere to put your drink and popcorn… or whatever it is you’re consuming. Invest in a good coffee table, or consider having multiple smaller tables interspersed amongst the seating so everyone has a place to rest their drink and snacks.

11. Add a drinks cart to the room

It might seem posh for some (or perfectly pedestrian to others), but having a drinks cart right in the room is a great touch for a media room. Not only can a cart form part of your decor, but it’s also practical - no need to run to the kitchen when your drink runs out. Whether you’re stocking alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages, snacks or only liquids, a drinks cart is sure to add a touch of sophistication to your media room.

12. Keep your decor cosy

Blankets and pillows are a great addition to a media room, and often double as decor. Having a throw over the back of your couch is a great touch, and saves anyone asking for a cosy blanket. If you’re going for a minimalistic style, think about a cabinet filled with blankets and cushions that can be tucked away, but pulled out as necessary.

Planning the ultimate dream home in Bundaberg? We can help. Contact us today to discuss our custom homes and house plans, designed just for you - with or without a media room!

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