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6 stunning kitchen design trends to look out for in 2023

Modern white and timber kitchen with centre island and stools

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we tend to agree. Whether you’re a big home baker, love to entertain, or simply need a functional kitchen for you and your family, good kitchen design is crucial to the overall feel of your home.

If you’re not sure where to start with your kitchen, or you just want some fresh inspiration, we’re here to help. Here are 6 stunning kitchen design trends to look out for in 2023. 

1. Wood panelling

Wood panelling is a classic staple in any home, but is often overlooked in kitchens. This year wooden features have made their mark in new kitchen designs, providing a classic finish with a modern twist. The great thing about including wood panelling in your kitchen design is that it gives a natural feel to the room, evoking the sense of freshness and cleanliness that you want in this space. Whether you want wooden cabinetry, panelled walls, or a wooden base for your kitchen island, there are many ways to include wood panelling in your kitchen design.

Depending on the type and tone of the timber used, wood panelling can suit a range of design aesthetics. Lighter wood colours pair well with white finishes and look especially good with white benchtops and floor-to-ceiling panelling for a classic, fresh look. Darker woods look great with black, especially when broken up. Use dark wood cabinetry with a black splashback and grey marble benches for a sophisticated, contemporary feel. 

2. Fresh colours

Modern green and white kitchen

The last 12 months have seen an increase in neutral colour palettes in the kitchen, with whites, blacks, and greys at the forefront. Monochromatic looks in white or black are favoured by some, but you can also mix and match these tones for contrast in the space. 

If colour is more your thing, you’re in luck! We’re starting to see colour come back to the kitchen, with fresh greens the most on-trend. Our favourites are olive and sage, which add a pop of colour while still being classy. Sleek-coloured cabinetry is the top colour trend for kitchens in 2023, paired with neutral benchtops, splashbacks, and flooring. 

3. Outdoor kitchens

If you’re looking for a real change in 2023, moving the kitchen outdoors could be a perfect choice. Outdoor BBQ areas have been an Aussie staple for years, but some families are now opting to move their entire kitchen outdoors. A prerequisite for this is to have a suitable outdoor space that is undercover, and possibly able to become enclosed. As Bundaberg builders we love outdoor kitchens for those warm summer nights… but you might like an indoor or hybrid option for winter. 

Whether you’re opting for your main kitchen outdoors, or a second outdoor cooking area, installing a kitchen bench and sink is a much-have. From there you can opt for a BBQ or grill, a complete oven and cooktop, or whatever other cooking equipment takes your fancy. You will need an indoor area for your pantry, which could be the indoor room closest to your patio or deck, or a specially designed pool room turned butler’s pantry. 

4. Pendant lights

Well lit pendant lights hang above bright and white kitchen with timber accents

No matter your kitchen's location, good lighting sets the mood and can be a game-changer for the atmosphere of your kitchen. Gaining popularity over recent years is the pendant light, which looks especially striking hung over an island bench. There are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from, but single pendants and 3-tier pendants are on trend for 2023. 

When choosing your pendant light be sure to think about how it complements the rest of your kitchen design. Unlike other types of lighting, pendants are a real statement piece and the wrong design choice can completely throw off your design aesthetic. Think about choosing a metallic finish that matches the appliances and fixtures like your sink and tapware, and then decide whether or not you want a lampshade. Many pendant lights are designed to be ‘naked’ and can provide a contemporary industrial vibe to your home, while others look chic with a glass, fabric, or metallic shade. 

5. Metallic kitchen units

Speaking of metallic finishes, one big kitchen trend for 2023 is metallic kitchen units. While traditional stainless steel can feel a bit stark or commercial, when paired with the right finishes it provides a clean, modern look that’s perfect for a sleek kitchen. There are so many options for alternative metal finishes these days including gold, copper, and bronze, so if silver’s not your thing there are still options to choose from. 

When choosing metallic finishes be sure to pair them with the other colours in your kitchen to make sure the look fits your desired style. You’ll often find metallics paired with blacks or deep hues, but white goes well with copper and gold in moderation. Matte colours also pair well with metallics to contrast the high shine of the metallic finishes, with chalkboard black being a favourite, but you can opt for high-gloss finishes if you want the whole room to shimmer. 

6. Unique flooring

Traditionally kitchens are installed with non-porous materials like tiles or laminate, as the space is considered one of the ‘wet areas’ of the home. If you have a lot going on in your kitchen, or you’re going for a traditional clean look, then keeping your floors simple is a great choice. However, if you want a statement piece in the kitchen, and your cabinets and benches aren’t too busy, a stand-out floor could be the way to go. 

We’ve seen some great trends in flooring over the last few months, including the popular chequerboard floors, which look especially in vogue in tonal timber or tile shades. Another trend we predict for 2023 is the return of coloured and patterned tiles that give a distinctly retro vibe without feeling outdated. 

Looking to jump on one of these trends?

White and black kitchen with industrial and dark timber and reclaimed brick look

There’s no doubt that we’ll see even more kitchen trends emerge in the new year. If you’re looking for something different in your kitchen, we’re here to help. As custom Bundaberg builders, we love working with you to create the unique house you desire. Contact us today to discuss the home of your dreams and learn how we can make it a reality.

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